Lavera believes in breaking the structures that exist in this world. Unique, revolutionary, she emerges from the masses, holding strong her convictions, her brushes, her vision and exquisiteness, she goes out to question the world. She communicates a message that will make you think, makes you question, leaves you wanting more, creating a fury and passion within.

All of this is transmitted through her paintings. A form of language so personal it’s impossible to classify or define. When viewing it for the first time, one might think it is a form of abstract expressionism, but upon closer inspection, more figurative forms are revealed. Navigating through the compositions, we notice colors, lines, planes and gestural strokes that evoke images of recognizable shapes that are modeled with minimal references.

From each work’s core, eccentric shapes and vivid colors of  contrasting expressions escape, providing a glimpse into the unconscious imagination of the artist. It is when one realizes the surreal world that is stirred by Lavera’s frenzied like passion, that the viewer feels a sort of jolt from within. The more recognizable forms of Lavera’s art include symbols, objects and everyday forms that align closely with the style of Pop Art. Psychedelic cartoons, rabid cats, race cars, tables and blurred faces, are some of the heterogeneous elements that are analogous to us.

Lavera manages to distance us from the immediate and recognizable world, although sometimes we connect with what is familiar as we discover forms that resonate. Forms that, although invented, could not be more real. Imagined monsters that practically exist, in the background of a painting full of tumultuous seas, the perfect representation of a symbolic space of total creative and expressive freedom.