Could it be the God of dreams?Some say that he can enter them.With deer horns that rectify his masculinity,Celtic God, renewal and lust. This painting is made using acrylic, aerosols and markers. Painted on canvas.

Triple Luna Celta

A Celtic legend says that the Goddess of the Triple Moon combines the three feminine forces and compares them with the different phases of the moon. Each of which symbolizes a separate stage in a woman’s life cycle: The Maiden, the Mother, and the Old Woman. On the canvas, background yellows recreate the sun. Figurative […]


Belenus is a Sun God in Celtic mythology. He was also known as the God of fire and light, who possessed an immense regenerative and purifying power. For this reason, there have been comparisons between Belenus and the Greek God Apollo. His name means luminous and bright. This painting is made using acrylic, aerosols and […]