Mr. Cripto

The story of a Token that is born from the bowels of the web and comes to the surface to mint cryptocurrencies and demonstrate against the capitalist empire. This painting is made using acrylic, aerosols and markers. Painted on canvas.

Mr. Pensador

Piece inspired by Rodin’s “The Thinker”. Rodin, a renowned sculptor, was at the same time inspired by Dante’s “Divine Comedy”. In the piece itself we can see him leaning forward, looking at the circles of hell.  This painting is made in oil and acrylic on canvas.

Mr. Freack

Covid 19 came and transformed everyone’s life a bit, including the life of Mr Freack, who like so many other characters created by the artist, mutated over time and events. Mr freack also adapted to the new rules of the pandemic and had no choice but to change his look a bit and start using […]

Mr. Kurtz

Inspired by the film “Apocalypse Now” by Francis Coppola (1979). Apocalypse Now was a masterpiece that opened a door that led us to reflect on the dark corridors of the human mind in times of war. In this work, disjointed faces contrast between reds and blues inside a surreal jungle. From that jungle, Mr. Kurtz […]

Mr. Karl

I was in my atelier when I saw him on social media. He was dead.I only saw Black and White. This work is a tribute to the great Karl Lagerfeld, an icon who revolutionized the world of design and fashion. This painting is made of acrylic and fibers on canvas.

Mr. Fruta

The phrase “Tirar Fruta” (translated literally as Throw Fruit”) is a typical Argentine expression. It refers to a person who does not fully know what they are saying yet who still speaks and responds – always with total certainty in what they say. That is what inspires Mr. Fruta, a man who does nothing but […]

Mr. Arrogante

Inspired by the series “Los Mrs” (The Mrs), Mr Arrogante (Mr Arrogant)is a piece that alludes to the arrogance of a man I met some time ago. Ironically, a Paraguayan art collector, as arrogant as Mr. Arrogante himself, visited my studio and took the piece with him. This painting is made in oil, acrylic and […]

Mr. Smith

Every year the artist is invited to exhibit at the polo championships in Argentina. One day, she was introduced to one of the patrons who invested money in the tournament and to pay the polo players. That’s when she discovered Mr. Smith. In this work, we can see him represented next to the Pony. This […]

Mr. Smile

It’s funny how laughter infects us without even realizing it. It goes through us. Is it a question of energy? The gardener lights up where he enters: Mr. Smile. This painting is made in oil and acrylics on canvas.

Mr. Elegante

Mr Elegant, The cousin of Sr. Freak. This painting is made in oil and acrylics on canvas.