Cheap Chat IV

I am in the Art District in Miami, I came for an exhibition and every day when I return to the hotel, on the path that I take every day, as part of the landscape, I see a duck and a cat; It looks like they’re making a deal. I wonder: what are they talking about, do they understand each other?

An imaginary exchange.

Kcluk, Quac, Meow.

We are in March 2022, the Russia-Ukraine conflict has broken out, the whole world is talking about it.

I have heard people give their opinion; some with knowledge and respect, others not so much.

Artists who talk about War and Death on their social networks, with a painting in the background as if wanting to sell themselves, gallery owners who think that war should be painted…???

Cheap Chat, is a series that is born from a reflection: in a world of conflict where peace is in danger.

The artist makes a serious criticism of those people who talk about the war but who only want to benefit themselves. She compares them with “The Duck and the Cat”, which only has short words.

Charla barata, trivial.

This painting is made using acrylic, aerosols and markers. Painted on canvas.